Seven Princes of Hell – Pinterest Character board

Now that Seven Princes of Hell – Saul has been out for a while I figured I’d share the Pinterest board with you!

I LOVE doing Pinterest boards for stories I’m working on. I pin ideas for places and people, helping me understand the vibe I’m going for. I’m a very visual person so it really helps me zone into the world I’m creating. I have many, many boards on the go. Some of them might be public, a hell of a lot of them are private!

I made SPoH public when the book was released because I wanted people to see what the characters look like in my head. I’m going to admit – I have no clue who any of these people are. They’re random pictures I came across on my Pinterest travels (is everyday too much?) but they spoke to me!

When I write characters I tend to shy away from very detailed descriptions. I love to throw in an eye or hair colour, a general build of body and such, but I don’t like being really detailed because, as a reader, I love just seeing what my brain comes up with when I’m reading and so I like to create the same experience with my stories.

So head on over to Pinterest to take a look – let me know what you think; do they match what you had in your mind or not? If you’re a Pinterest user don’t forget to follow the board because it will be added to as the story continues and more characters and places are introduced!

I hope you’re enjoying the book!


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