Reading Resolutions for 2020!

Happy new year, readers!

As the new decade begins I wanted to pop over here and make sure you all got the books you wanted for Christmas?! I did; the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was waiting for me under the tree, along with a graphic novel, a copy of Sharp Objects and the 2020 Almanac (a must for anyone who loves nature and trying to live a holistic lifestyle). Of course, they all go on top of my current TBR pile… but at least I’m starting the year with a good reading plan!

Which brings me to my reading resolutions!

I know a lot of people set reading goals, particularly on Goodreads… which I used to do until a few years ago… but I’m not actually setting a reading goal this year.

  1. Much like last year (where I only read 18 books), I’m just going to naturally read but consistently. As you know – because you’re here – I am also writing, so that takes a good amount of my time. I also work full time and am getting a second hand book shop off the ground! Adding a set amount of books will only stress me out so I’m taking a softer approach!
  2. Read more indie author books! As an indie author myself, I know how important it is to buy books from people doing it on their own and I’ve read some fantastic indie books over the years – I want to keep that up!
  3. Leave all the reviews. I haven’t left a book review in a good while. It’s helpful to writers and readers but also for me; to think about what made a book either good or bad will hopefully make me more aware of my own writing!
  4. Only buy new books from book shops, only buy other books second hand or borrow from the library. I hate buying books online from BIG companies (only when it comes to standard publication, not self publication) because it’s not supporting the economy or the world in any way! I want to keep bookshops and libraries alive so I’m going to double my efforts to show them my support this year.

In terms of this blog – I’ll be on here at least twice a month with fun things about writing, reading and all the things in between! Check out my page on Amazon and buy my books if you want to!! 😀 Don’t forget to tell me if you have any reading resolutions!


Published by Sam Cummings

Just a girl hell bent on carving a writing career out of an over-active imagination and a semi-firm grasp of the English Language.

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