2020 Book Releases

Hello friends!

I wanted to let you know what my 2020 release aspirations are just so you can mark them in your diary… haha, just kidding, but it’s nice to shout my book releases out into the void just so they’re real, y’know?

At the moment I don’t know the exact dates of these releases but it will most definitely be *after* May due to other projects I’m working on (readying a manuscript to submit to agents, trying to get my bookshop off the ground), so you can expect the following from me towards the middle of the year:

Etta – Volume 3 – Without giving too much away, the third instalment of Etta’s journey will see her trying to navigate the orphanage she found herself in at the end of Baby Steps. Despite being on her own for book 1 and 2, she always had to rely on old friends and family to help her along. How will she get on alone? Will she pull anyone else into her crazy world? You’ll have to read it to find out! Due Out: After May 2020

Seven Princes of Hell – Volume 2 – After Saul’s introduction into the world of the seven princes of hell we’ll tag along with another of the brother’s to see the world from a slightly different perspective, following the mystery of the murder and learning more about the dark destiny that awaits them all. Due out: After July 2020

Working titleEDEN‘ – A graphic novel I’ve been working on for a while in terms of character & world creation. I’m currently working on the first draft of the story so I’ll either be writing and illustrating it myself or else finding an artist looking for a collaboration project. If I do manage to find an artist to work with I image this will go to print via a kickstarter campaign instead of Amazon but we will see. I’m hesitant to release the plot idea for this at the moment so I suppose watch this space for future updates!

Apart from these self-publishing projects I’m working on a full length YA novel which I’m shopping to agents (mission: get agent, get published, repeat) as well as stoking a fire under another novel in order to get it at least part way ready for a proof reader/ editor to have a bash at it. Writing is a continuous journey of writing, editing, writing, editing, publishing, writing, writing, editing… forever! It’s none stop and it can take a long time for work to see the light of day (especially when you have a day job and three side businesses) so I’m really hoping this year is the year a lot of the work I’ve done over the past ten years starts to pay off!!!

Here’s to a very wordy year!


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