The writing process

I’m not about to start blathering on about how to write a book – although I can if you want me to; I certainly know how to write one! – but I am trying to be better at keeping a running commentary on my writing life… somewhere.

You see, writing is a very secluded, often lonely, process.

I can lock myself in my office and work on a manuscript for hours (accompanied by various playlists that no one in my building thanks me for), and the whole ordeal, whilst great for me – The Introvert – is not great for the whole ‘author’ life I’m trying to carve out in this fledgling world.

My whole plan for this year was to be more visible online as an author *cough cough*… I feel silly referring to myself as anything other than that blob of a girl who would rather be eating pasta and bread than anything else but author is the goal so that what we’ll go with!

In order to adhere to such a threat I thought I’d just nip over here and let you know what I’m working on. What part of the process I’m at!

A while ago I wrote a WHOLE series

And last year I began work on getting the first of the series ready to send out to agents, you see, you can’t get published without an agent so you have to convince an agent to like you and your work first and they help you sell to a publisher and then the work really starts… If you want me to write a blog post about the process of book to print please let me know. I feel like, for me, it’s something that’s quite well known but I know I’m looking at that from an insider perspective!! If you’d like me to talk about it or you have any questions about it just shout up!

Back to me (Hi, I’m an attention seeker).

Once I decided to get the first book ready for an agent I went through a first edit; which means I re-read it for the first time since writing it and changed all the things I hated (to be honest, there wasn’t that much I hated, which I think is a good sign). I then sent it out to a BETA reader who gave me some feedback and I implemented THOSE changes. And then I sent it to an editor for a consultation and THOSE are the changes I’m working on right now. So what kind of edits, you might ask?

At this point my spelling is all good but it’s things like adding a bit more information on character intention, making sure I’m not switching from night to day within a short space of time (I seem to like to do this a lot) and making sure my protagonists and villains are all on the same page – by which I mean that they’re all working for and against each other in a way that is believable and entertaining!.

The edits take a while

Because a. you wanna get it right and 2. I’m dyslexic and sometimes reading a lot of words on a computer can send my brain into a tailspin! The plus side? I LOVE the story I’m working on. I don’t want to give anything away because it’s fun to keep things under wraps but it’s a young adult fantasy adventure and I love the characters and also the location. Writing gives you the chance to visit places completely different than your own home/town/country and my overly active imagination lets me sink right into imagined worlds! If you’re a writer and you hate the cold, like me, write about hot places and all the sunshine. It does wonders for your mood!! 😛

Well – that’s what I’m up to with writing right now and I’ll be posting more on here about other projects that are coming up, and the processes, because I have two books -AT LEAST- to release this year, a potential graphic novel I want to develop and a fun and silly fan-fic story I just need to figure out where publish! (If you read fan-fic please tell me where you go for it).

Thanks for dropping in!


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