About Sam

Writing ‘about’ pages or bios is as fun as… nothing. No one enjoys these things, however, I’ll try to do my best!

I’ve been an avid reader all of my life; I recall many hours of my childhood in the library picking out new Goosebumps books, Point Horrors and books about horses for some reason (I want to say it was a series called Ginny but I’ve never opened that door again for obvious reasons… I’d probably get re-obsessed). As I grew older I didn’t particularly phase to more adult books (not like that), instead I stuck with the teen/YA books I’d grown to love because fantasy and teenagers are what I’m made of (not like that).

I had always dreamed of writing stories, growing up. Being honest? I never thought I’d actually get to do it, it seemed far too out of my comfort zone. School was the actual worst in terms of teaching me what kind of career I’d like and with my personality type it felt like I was being forced into a shape that didn’t fit. Square hole. I don’t know what shape peg I am… pear shaped? I’m sure many women’s magazines would agree.

Cut to my early twenties and the deep void in my creative mind was craving to be un-voided. I realised, slowly, that my hatred of school wasn’t about how much I hated learning, no. I realised I loved learning, but at my own pace… and about things I found interesting. Go figure!

I enrolled at Open University thinking I’d find something cool to study – my main goal was ancient history because who isn’t mildly obsessed with the Ancient Greeks? What happened was hopefully kismet; my idiotic phobia of sand forced me to stay away from archaeology and the ancients and, instead, focus on English Literature and Language.

I started reading and writing a lot. Creative writing, to be precise; a course I neither realised existed or realised I excelled at. When I say ‘excel’ I don’t mean I got amazing grades (although I did a few times), what I mean is that I excelled far beyond my dreams when I realised how much I loved doing it. All of a sudden there was a whole world opening up; a world where I might be able to write down all the stories I had in my head constantly… there are a lot. My brain can’t remember how to do many things but it can come up with stories like nothing else!

I started taking part in NaNoWriMo every year and eventually I had a stock of first drafts as well as a good stock of short stories and series. I’ve been working on getting an agent for a while – my first novel hasn’t had any takers and so I’m shopping another one at the moment with hopes of finding someone who wants to pick it up and me along with it. Whilst all that is going on I’m still writing, editing, coming up with new stories and generally driving myself crazy… I don’t mind.

I have self published three novellas; the first two instalments of an ongoing series (which you can read more about here) and planning on self publishing the remainder of the series over the next few years… the train keeps on chugging forwards.

So, keep your eyes peeled for new self publishing news and sign up to my mailing list so you don’t miss out on anything (like getting an actual agent!).

Thank you for visiting my site and, above else, for buying my books!