Welcome to my books page. Here you’ll find a list of my self published and, hopefully, commercially published books.

Seven Princes of Hell – Saul

There have been millions of attempts to classify demons throughout history.
Theologians have written dissertations in Christian demonology, occultism, mythology and magic to clarify the connections between these spirits and their influence on the human race.

Little did they know all they had to do was take a trip down to Hell’s Kitchen, New York.  


Etta never felt normal. From being fatherless, living with a foster family, living with actors, her life has been a series of strange and wonderful events. Not until the earthquake did she realise just how strange the world she lived in was and how many secrets her mother had kept from her. Now it’s up to her to unravel the mysteries and save the people she cares about before it’s too late, but just how much can one little girl do?

Baby Steps

After the earthquake, her life as she knew it changed dramatically. Etta found out that the world was made up of more than boys and girls, men and women – there were witches and sirens, as well as demons. 

With her mother stuck in a horrible nightmare, and The appearance of familiar faces sends Etta on a new and dangerous adventure with two very important questions to answer; Who is her father and where can she find him?

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